Ant Esports ICE-310 TG Mid-tower case


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Ant Esports ICE-310MT

The Ant Esports ICE-310MT is designed to perfection and build along the vision of a high air flow case that can look different and yet provide convenience of use. The front is a distinctively charming mosaic like pattern engraved on a full mesh panel which hides a pair of massive 200mm auto RGB fans at the back making the case perfect for housing high end components that rely on high air flow for optimal performance. Due to its front mesh and an ingeniously placed IO panel on the side the case is ahead turner no matter where you keep it. The case can house upto eight 120mm fans or five 120mm and two 200mm ones giving you then option to take full control over the air flow as per your needs and taste. Storage mounts are ample with four exclusive SSD mounts around the case and two HDD cage under the PSU shroud to pave a path for workstation class builds.

Key Features –

  • Unique front panel – The front mesh is fully magnetic and comes with a mosaic like pattern to make it stand out of the crowd.
  • Ample of storage options – The case has four exclusive SSD mounts and two HDD cage under the PSU shroud.
  • Spacious Interiors – Can house upto eight 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator in the front for optimum cooling experience.
  • Side mounted IO Panel – The IO panel is mounted on the side for convenience of use and imparts a unique look at the same time.

Dual 200mm A-RGB Fans – Comes with two 200mm auto RGB fans in the front for maximum possible air flow to support high end builds inside.



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